Fashion & Style with a Message: In Love We Trust β€

Trust in fashion & style but trust in love too 😊.

This is my seven years old running t-shirt. I picked it from Sisley. Trust in Fashion & Style but trust in Love too 😊. Trusting someone you love is the Strength that will always be with you no matter what you go through in life. And Trusting in Oneself always win. Trust the act of love and let go of what isn’t. Because in Love, we trust. Cheers πŸ˜†


Gur with Black tea Culture in Nagaland

Gur taken with black tea in Nagaland afer meals especially

An interesting thing about Nagaland is that the food produce of the people are organic. Unlike those that are found in the open market, Gur (Jaggery) sold by the villagers from Nagaland are organic and have original taste and look as well. Grabbing a few little pieces won’t make you feel guilty; it is a sugar food after all 😊. It is usually taken with black tea after meal. This indulgence adds warmth during chilly winters πŸ’š

A serious poetic living πŸ˜Š

Morning view in Kohima, Nagaland πŸ’š

Morning motivation, living close to nature, Nagaland

​Feel the rising sun alongside the patient trees that waits, dressed in fresh and colorful leaves.. We do not have to be distant, we live together. We should be close and feel as one. Even the morning dew comforts the fallen leaves as they make sweet steady moves and bustle in silent breeze